Do a search for any lesson related to digital marketing on Google or Youtube and you will see countless people trying to teach the public how to do (fill in the blank) in digital marketing. This somewhat reminds me of Network Marketing where the goal is to just get as many people as possible to pay the upfront money to be in the business, all the while knowing that the vast majority of people signing up are going to fail and only a very small percentage are actually going to make a living at it. Now there are even tutorials and lessons on how you too can also teach others digital marketing! ROFL


The savvy digital marketers have realized that there is much more money in convincing other people they too can be a ninja digital marketer, just like them, instead of actually doing the marketing themselves for clients. Let’s say I stand in front of a room of 100 people and say, Hire me to do your digital marketing, I might get 5-10 people interested and in the end 1-2 clients. Now I stand in front of another 100 people and say I can teach all of you how to be an expert in digital marketing?. This time, depending on how good a speaker or salesman I am, I might get 50% or better of the room to sign up. When in reality there is a very good chance that none of them will become experts.


The fact of the matter is that if you are a musician, public speaker, entertainer or business owner, there is no way you can do a good job running your business and get to even an intermediate level of expertise in digital marketing. Anytime I hear about a business owner running their business and doing their own marketing, I know that they are not doing either as well as they could.


Do yourself a favor and resist the temptation to do your own marketing and as soon as you possibly can, hire someone who knows all the ins and outs of taking the time to realize your brand, your demographic and create a defined plan with very intentional steps in all the appropriate digital marketing channels. Your job should be to focus 100% on what drives and motivates you, whether its music, dance, performing, etc..