So getting right to the point, lets answer the question, ?Is Instagram worth the time it takes musicians??. The answer to that is, it depends how they are using it. If you are using instagram the way the industry and labels tell you to, then the answer is easy. No it is not worth it.?

Take a look at most musicians Instagram accounts and anything they are doing is for one reason. To expose their band and their music to more people, by getting as many likes, shares and comments as possible. Ultimately resulting in more streams, some merch sales and filling some music venues for a tour. The typical response rates are 2-5% for a regular post and around 10% for video.


Do The Math


So you have 100,000 followers on Instagram. You shoot a quick video promoting a new song you are dropping today and you get 10,000 interactions. Lets be extremely generous and say all 10,000 stream your new song. The artist makes $60-80 and that is before the label, songwriters, producers, managers, etc take their cut.

Some will say, ?well yes but many of the people that converted that day will stream the song many more times!? Ok, so lets play the long game and see how that works out.

So maybe you get a song with 2,000,000 streams throughout the year. This would generate? around $17,000. After everyone is paid maybe you, the artist, ends up with around $2,000.


It?s the Nashville way!


I understand in Nashville you may be judged by the number of followers you have on Instagram, but some quick math will tell you the truth as to the value of your Instagram fan base.


The right way to use Instagram


The best way to use Instagram and any other social platform is to make it part of an overall branding plan and to know what its exact role is in your success. Most all bands and musicians have Super Fans. Use Instagram as part of a funnel that will ultimately create a very powerful group of fans that not only love your music, but love your message, what you are about and want to know everything about you.


Give them exclusive content and they will provide a steady income taking the pressure off you simply turning numbers and playing the exposure game.




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