Christian Music Studios

Christian Music Studios

As a Christian musician, its always nice to work with a recording studio that understands not only your message as a Christian, but your heart and the “end game” of what you are trying to accomplish as a believer.

Many think that Nashville is the only place to find great recording studios that believe as you do as a Christian. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

We have put together a list of some great Christian Music Studios all across the country that are worth checking into to see if they are a good fit for your next project.

Brian Konzelman’s Back At The Ranch Studio

Waco, TX

Back At The Ranch Studio is a private recording studio located near Waco Texas, about an hour south of Dallas-Fort Worth. It was designed and built from the ground up to be a comfortable and pleasant environment for making the highest quality recordings.

back at the ranch studio

Hidden deep in the woods along the quiet bank of Texas’ Brazos River, the relaxed and quiet rural atmosphere and rustic surroundings provide a pleasant change from the typical high-pressure environment of many other recording studios. A private world-class equipped facility set in creative, friendly surroundings…..

The specially designed building features a world-class 5000 cubic foot symmetrical mirror-image control room with a floor area of 27′ x 23′. The room’s large, acoustically accurate design and isolated equipment area make it ideal for tracking, overdubbing and mixing all in the same room. A separate 12′ x 22′ isolation room is available.

Amenities include a kitchen, lounge area, and lots of outdoor space to unwind in. Our ranch provides beautiful natural surroundings with diversions like fossil hunting, fishing and hiking on 200 acres of secluded woods bordered by Texas’ own Brazos River.

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Faith Music Missions

Evansville, IN

Faith Music Missions provides the answer for people who want to make a difference for local churches and Christian homes through godly, conservative music.

If we are going to combat Satan’s plan in this area, then God’s music should be recorded with the same level of expertise, knowledge and quality as anything the world has to offer.

We can make a difference. Faith Music Missions has a wonderful production studio, but more than that, it has quality engineers, musicians and producers that are faithful Christians and have dedicated themselves to the ministry of the Gospel.

Please understand that the sky is the limit on what can be produced and recorded. When it comes to recording, the minimum standard is achieved only by quality equipment.

The quality produced is then limited or enhanced by the ability of the engineers, producers and musicians. Any element that is left out leaves you with just a recording and not a first-class production.

Faith Music Missions has labored long and hard to achieve not only a good sound, but one that is equal to the very best.

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PureMix Studios

Wake Forest, NC

PureMix Studios is a professional recording studio that is focused on producing high quality Christian music in an anointed, Godly environment. We have been producing great sounding praise and worship music in a vast variety of musical styles for over 15 years.

We have recorded about every style of Christian music you can think of including gospel, pop, R&B, rock, southern gospel, metal, hip hop, country, rap, blues, jazz, classical, choral, and more.

puremix studios

Our studio has been developed with excellence in every area to give your project the edge that it needs to take it to that next level.

We utilize the best warm sounding analog gear, high quality instruments, and the most advanced digital technologies available today to maximize sound quality while providing a fast and efficient work flow that maximizes project budgets.

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Canvas Burning Productions

Phoenix, AZ

Canvas Burning – the only music production house in Phoenix to take you through the entire recording process, from pre-production to having a beautifully packaged CD in your hands.

We then go beyond that, providing opportunities to put you and your music in front of the people who you want to connect with your music.

canvas burning productions

This isn’t just another studio. This is an actual group of artists whose goal is to help the Christian community of Phoenix realize their God-given creativity. We are music lovers whose passion will be burnt into your project.

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