My name is Kevin and I created GiveJam to help Christian musicians create a great living from a channel? that has been under there nose the whole time. Their Super Fans. The music industry, especially the labels, would like you to think that it is all about the music and getting more exposure to move more music. Unfortunately what these musicians find out after signing with a label, getting radio play, hundreds of thousands of streams, touring, interviews and merch sales, that they have made very little and may even still owe the label money from the money that was fronted them at the beginning. It may work great for the labels and everyone around the artist, because they are working with many artists, but in the end not so great for the artist themselves.


The industry will tell you to build your social media following, (need that exposure, right!?) and will even judge your success or potential success by how many followers you have on Instagram for example. Talk about utter ridiculousness. Do they not understand how easy it is to game the system? The reality is that no matter how big a following you have, Instagram is only going to let you reach 3-5% organically through posts, and up to 10% through video organically. These numbers have declined in the past year and will continue to do so as more and more advertisers are on Instagram.


So as a Christian musician, why does it make any sense at all to focus so much time and so much energy on gaining more exposure, to get more streams of which you make almost nothing on (even at scale!)? For the artist it makes no sense. For the label and everyone working with the artist it makes alot of sense. They are all working with many artists so a little from each artist adds up to quite a bit! According to Mashable, $19 million a day goes to the 3 major labels from streaming. Yes, a day.


There is no doubt why the major labels continue to perpetuate this antiquated business model. They are making a killing! So what if the artist instead of focusing on moving more music, they focused on building a Super Fan base. If an artist has been out there for any amount of time, they already have Super Fans. Cultivating and building a relatively small base of Super Fans can get you a very solid income, that is not only consistent, but sustainable. If you do it right. Be sure and follow GiveJam on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as we delve into the steps needed to make a great career in music possible for most any talented artist.