So how is it going? Oh I’m busy…really busy these days…crazy busy!

How many times is that question and answer spoken every day. So much so that if you think back in even the last couple days, you have probably said that yourself to someone. Whether we are at work, chatting with a neighbor, relative or friend, we all like to state that we are ?busy?.?

In fact some of us even like to protect our busyness (is that a word? lol) We don’t want to let go of too many things because then we won’t be busy and maybe lose our validation. If we cant stay running from early morning to evening then somehow we must be doing something wrong or possibly even looked at as lazy (oh no!!).?

Somehow being busy has become a badge of honor and a show of legitimacy in whatever we are doing. So I guess if you are good at whatever you are doing, you will be extremely busy doing that thing.


I’m Not Impressed With How Busy You Are

Whenever anyone tells me that they are crazy busy, or how they are just trying to keep up, I know that one or more of these things are in play:

  • They over-commit. Which in turn means, even though they may be very talented, they are probably doing nothing with excellence.
  • They have a trust issue and wont delegate. After all no-one can do _______ as good as you can. If you want something done right, you better do it yourself is their mantra.
  • They procrastinate. Always only putting out the fire that is about to burn the house down and not thinking ahead.
  • They are not good at creating processes, or sticking to them.


Personally I have dealt with all of these things in my life at some point, and used to be proud to tell people I’m busy. I now understand and stay focused on my call and make most every decision looking through the lens of my brand. Sure I am busy all day with work and responsibilities, but I do know when to say no, when to delegate and am always working on processes to get things done efficiently, and most of all I do not feel bad when I am not busy. Even when it is on a workday!


Work Less – Make More?

For some people that is even hard to say, because after all if you want to make a great living and be successful, you’ve got to put in the hours right?

I personally know people that have subscribed to the work more – make more theory and yes it can absolutely work. But when I look at their work/life balance there is nothing there…except work. If that’s your idea of success then this is the plan for you, but most of us would want to have time to enjoy our success with family, friends, traveling, and so on.


Know Your Niche – Filter Everything Through That

Many years ago I met a man who was a Financial Advisor and a couple times a year he would give seminars on time management. He had started his firm working 5-6 days a week working hard to make his new career a success, and he was making well into 6 figures annually. What bothered him though was the time he had to put in to achieve and maintain that level of success. Long story short, he went on a quest to better understand what his niche was, and ? better use and manage his time to focus on that so he could actually enjoy his success. Through a very intentional plan of delegating, hiring and learning how to say ?No? to some clients, he at first cut back to 4 days and guess what? With his new shorter, better managed work schedule his income broke 7 figures. After working his 4 day a week schedule for some time, he contemplated if he could possibly become even more efficient with his time and set out to cut his week to 3 working days. Last I heard his income was at $3.5 million and was working just 3 days a week.?

I tell that story not to give you a level to shoot for, but instead show you how powerful creating a brand, and not wavering from that brand, can really be, and how just being busy does not work.?

Do yourself a favor and take a look at your music career and see if you are just trying to maintain your? busyness with whatever comes along or are you being intentional and busy doing all the right things for the direction you are called to.