What Is GiveJam?

GiveJam was birthed by a vision God gave us to bring great Christian music ministries and their super fansĀ  together in ways that create great lasting community. The communities will interact with their favorite artists in ways the general public will not have access to.

If you are a Christian music artist and are weary of the financial pressure to always be creating to support you or your family, GiveJam will provide a way for steady, monthly income source for you that you can count on consistently, whether or not you are writing, recording or touring.

With GiveJam you as an artist will be able to genuinely seek God's direction for your next project without having the pressure of finances constantly pushing you into hasty decisions and develop a fantastic community of fans.

So tell us...are you ready to get your GiveJam on?

Contact us for more info:

info@shopgivejam.com or call us at 417-986-4645

Next Steps...

Contact us and learn how you as an musician can create a great community and have a more meaningful and fulfilling impact on your fans.