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Over a decade of digital marketing experience has taught us that without a complete holistic approach success is limited.

We are GiveJam

We believe that there is not one magic bullet when it comes to successfully marketing your business in music and entertainment, but instead it takes a cohesiveness of select channels to bring your message to just the right demographic and in turn create an exceptional community of your fans.

My name is Kevin and I am the founder of GiveJam and after helping many ministries, businesses and musicians with their digital marketing for over 13 years I came to realize that most of the entertainment industry and entertainers themselves had no idea how to market their businesses and were subject to every whim or sales person that would come along with “the answer” to their marketing needs. Instead of looking at the whole picture right from the beginning, they would focus on individual marketing channels thinking this alone would move the needle forward, and inevitably it would fall short. 

I encourage you to contact us for a free consultation and tell us about your business. No pressure whatsoever, and I guarantee even if you do not use GiveJam, you will learn something valuable to take with you. 


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