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Over 13 years of digital marketing experience has shown us that nothing beats a strong community of followers, especially when it is nurtured.

We are GiveJam

ingWe are each subjected to thousands of messages each day, vying for our attention and ultimately our money. The percentage that we actually end up acting on is tiny if at all each day, yet when a friend or family member recommends something to us how much more powerful is that?

My name is Kevin and I am the founder of GiveJam and after helping many ministries, businesses and musicians with their digital marketing for over 13 years I came to realize that most of the entertainment industry and entertainers themselves had no idea how to market their businesses and were subject to every whim or sales person that would come along with “the answer” to their marketing needs. Instead of looking at something that is right under their nose. Their superfans.

At GiveJam we have created an incredible mobile app with our partners at Buzz360 that assists you in building an incredible community, and makes it simple to  leverage that community to help spread your message in a very organic way! Best of all NO ALGORITHMS deciding who gets to see your message.



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