Helping Ministries Expand their reach


Build a highly engaged/loyal community

Discover, create & grow your brand while? building enduring relationships with your community.



Cups of Coffee

Is your marketing random shots in the dark?

Discovery Session

Every client we work for we start out with a discovery session where we really begin to understand what you and your ministry are all? about, and who you are speaking to. This can be very eye opening to the client and is used as a compass for everything else we do.

Look & Feel

Using our finding from the discovery session we will create a look and feel that reinforces what your ministry or business is about. You will know exactly where to be, who you are reaching, and the best way to connect.

Create & Implement

We will use all the information we discover to create & implement the appropriate look and feel of your ministry to all touch points of your fans and customers. This will create an enduring community of people that can’t wait for your next piece of content or next experience.

Sometimes I write?

Being Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honor

Being Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honor

?So how is it going?? ?Oh I?m busy...really busy these days...crazy busy!?? How many times is that question and answer spoken every day. So much so that if you think back in even the last couple days, you have probably said that yourself to someone. Whether we are at...

Why I Don?t Teach Clients Digital Marketing

Why I Don?t Teach Clients Digital Marketing

Do a search for any lesson related to digital marketing on Google or Youtube and you will see countless people trying to teach the public how to do (fill in the blank) in digital marketing. This somewhat reminds me of Network Marketing where the goal is to just get as...

Random Acts of Marketing

Random Acts of Marketing

After being in digital marketing for over a decade, there are certain behaviours that I realize are common among not only musicians and entertainers, but most any type of business. The one I want to speak on today is what I call, ?random acts of marketing?.? Whether...