Even though podcasts have been around for a few years they are just now starting to get popular with Google and Spotify stating their strong commitment to growing this channel. The next few years will see fast growth of podcasts, especially when done the right way. GiveJam helps artist monetize podcasting like its 2019.


Video is an extremely powerful means of communicating with your fans and is predicted to be 80% of all internet usage within the next few years. The days of over-produced videos are gone and your fans are all about organic. GiveJam helps artists monetize video like its 2019.

Live Events

Make your fans an integral part of any event or gig that you are a part of. Give them an experience that they not only will never forget, but will want to tell everyone they know about. GiveJam helps artists monetize live events like its 2019.

A new way of thinking for musicians

Now more than ever in history professional musicians are giving away most or all of their royalties and income to various middlemen. Everyone managing different aspects of the artists career are making money, except the artist themselves.

GiveJam was birthed from the desire for each and every contemporary Christian musician that felt they were called to ministry, to be able to make a great living without chasing numbers or waiting to be discovered.

It's time for musicians to evolve into the 21st century. The music business has changed and in 2019 it is easier than ever to make a great living from your passion and calling. Contact us to learn how GiveJam is doing this.