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Build, grow, engage and leverage a powerful influencer community with your top fans.

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Marketing Like Its 2021

Is your marketing random shots in the dark?

Marketing In 2021

In the past marketing meant interrupting people in whatever they were doing to broadcast your message to try and peak interest in your brand. Marketing in 2021 is building a powerful community of your best fans, giving them incredible value, and making it easy for them to spread your message.

“But Social Media Is My Community”

Although social media certainly should have its place in your marketing, it certainly is not a good platform to build a strong community on. Leaving your outreach up to an ever-changing algorithm from a 3rd party will never get you where you need to be. Remember the core focus of social media platforms is to sell you ads, not give you free marketing. 

Your Top Fans Are Waiting

Reward your fans with what they already want from your brand…more of you! After all, every day your fans are exposed to thousands of messages wanting their attention, and they have chosen to give it to you. Building a community will foster growth and turn these fans into your best sales people.

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Sometimes I write?

Being Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honor

Being Busy Is Not A Badge Of Honor

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Why I Don’t Teach Clients Digital Marketing

Why I Don’t Teach Clients Digital Marketing

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Random Acts of Marketing

Random Acts of Marketing

After being in digital marketing for over a decade, there are certain behaviors that I realize are common among not only musicians and entertainers, but most any type of business. The one I want to speak on today is what I call, random acts of marketing. Whether you...